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01/10-03/10 2021 


Moscow, Exhibition complex
Gostiny Dvor



Union of architects of Russia
Union of Moscow architects

Exhibition official support


Ministry of Construction,
Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation,
Ministry of Education and Science
of the Russian Federation,

Analytical Center for the Government
of the Russian Federation,

Complex of urban policy and city
building of Moscow,
Moscow Committee for Architecture
and Urban Development, 

JSC Research Center of  Construction,

Russian Academy of Architecture
and Construction Sciences,


Full application in PDF


The 5th International forum «Build School 2021» will take place in September 2021 in Gostiny Dvor, Moscow.


The only exhibition in Russia that integrally embraces all aspects of design, construction, and equipment of kindergarten's, school's and sport's buildings.

Build School brings together leading industry professionals and companies in the fields of design, construction, reconstruction, modernization and producers of materials, equipment and furniture.

The relevance of holding an exhibition and great interest shown by professional community and a wide range of public groups can be explained by the extensive future prospects in providing preschool, school and sport education.

About 3 trillion rubles will be allocated for the implementation of government programs for the extensive large-scale construction and renovation of kindergartens and schools. In 2019–2021, large-scale construction of sports facilities in the regions of Russia and the development of sports infrastructure in the Russian countryside will continue.


The subject of the exhibition covers all areas of design, construction, and equipment of kindergartens and schools.

1. Architectural projects of schools and kindergartens, 
children's sports facilities and playgrounds

At the exhibition site, architectural projects demonstrating a modern approach to design will be widely presented.


2. Constructive solutions, construction and finishing materials

The section includes construction and finishing materials, the application of which complies with the requirements of normative documents and standards for preschool, school and sport buildings.


3. Engineering equipment

Equipment for water supply, heating, sewerage, electrical equipment. Sanitary equipment of toilet rooms.


4. Interior design and equipment

Design and color solution for interiors. Furniture for classrooms and other premises, including teachers' and vestibules, lockers and cribs, lamps, mirrors, fences and more.


5. Technical equipping of schools and kindergartens

Equipment for the organization of educational processes: training boards, computers, printers, audio-video systems, easels.

Equipment for assembly halls: sound, light, projection.


6. Equipment and adaptations for disabled children

Devices for users with visual, hearing or musculoskeletal disorders. Means of visual information and sound signaling, floor signs and restrictive marking, ramps, doors with the automatic closing, tactile covers etc.


7. Equipment and adaptations for disabled children


8. Sport and playgrounds

Equipment, elements, and materials.


9. Territory improvement

Landscape design, playgrounds, field covers and coatings of children's and sports grounds, small architectural forms etc.


10. Alarm and Communication Systems

Equipment for the installation of security systems, alarms, communications, alerts etc.

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