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Competition Build School Project

Government program for the construction and renovation of schools, calculated up to 2025 year, will allocate huge funds for its implementation. Build School Project competition, which is held within the framework of The 5rd International exhibition «Build School» is aimed to ensure the speedy implementation of the best architectural projects of pre-school and school buildings, and children's sports facilities.

The previous competitions of realized and unrealized projects of pre-school and school buildings in 2017-2020 became the most large-scale in Russia so far…


The 5rd International Competition Build School Project is expanding its theme. In support of the Russian state program "Development of Physical Culture and Sport", the Union of Architects of Russia includes a new section: children's sports facilities. In 2020–2021, large-scale construction of sports facilities in the regions of Russia and the development of sports infrastructure in the countryside will continue. What sports schools, complexes, and arenas will look like, how to create a modern multifunctional space, what materials architects put into projects, and the best practices of design and construction on Build School 2021 exposition.


Another new feature of the Build School Project 2021 is the inclusion of a new nomination "The best solution for the integrated development of the territory and the creation of a favorable environment for children."

Goals of the competition: 

- Identify the best design solutions for schools, kindergartens

and sports facilities for children and promote their implementation,

- Exchange domestic and international experience,

- Support the implementation of the federal program for construction and reconstruction of school buildings and sports facilities.



«Realized projects» and «Unrealized projects».





Landscaping and play areas


Nominations in each section: 

1. The best object of new construction.

2. The best solution for reconstruction and modernization.

3. The best solution to reuse.

4. The best solution for the interior design.

5. The best solution for creating an accessible (barrier-free) environment for children with disabilities and low mobility groups.

6. The best solution for landscaping and play areas to create a comfortable environment for children.


To be presented: 

standard and individual realized and unrealized projects of preschool and school buildings, and children's sports facilities, including – kindergartens, comprehensive and profile schools, specialized schools, for children with disabilities, sport, music, art schools, blocks of primary classes, school annexes etc.

Projects could be supplied by the authors, investors, construction and development companies, manufacturers of building and finishing materials and equipment.
Review competition is conducted in 1 stage.


Deadline for submission of works: until 5th of August 2021 (included).



Exhibition of competitive projects: 

Moscow, 30/09 - 03/10, EC “Gostiny Dvor”, during the open days of The 5d International exhibition «Build School 2021».

Awarding of laureates: 2d of October in the EC “Gostiny Dvor”.




The winners of the "Build School Project" competition are awarded with commemorative diplomas and prizes of the Union of Architects of Russia and the Union of Moscow Architects. Gold, Silver and Bronze Diplomas, as decided by the jury. Diplomas are awarded in sections «Realized projects» and «Unrealized projects»:

The Grand Prix – winner in the section «Realized projects». – Gold diploma
– Silver diploma
– Bronze diploma

The partners of the competition have the opportunity to award their own prizes.
For participation in review competition please send the required information on the mail

– Application for participation and the Annex for application;
– Exposition materials;
– A short annotation to the project with description of the object - 1 page (A4 format) in a separate file in doc, docx, including the technical and economic parameters of the object: the capacity (number of students), the total area of the building, the area of the site, the cost of construction (for realization).


Exposition materials should include:

- An information field (leave on the top of the tablet «blank» band of 15 cm high, it is filled out by the organizer of review contest based on the application of the participant);
- General view of the object (real life photo or three- dimensional image);
- Graphical projections (situational plan, floor plans, facades, elevations, sections etc), the most fully revealing the main idea (at the discretion of the author).
- Short description of the object  (at the discretion of the author).
Materials for the exhibition are printed by the organizers of the competition.

Requirements for the submitted materials:

- exposition materials are presented in electronic form — graphic file in TIF size of 95 х 140 (h) cm with resolution 150 dpi;

- exposition for one work is at least 2 tablets sized 95х140 cm, vertical disposition.



Registration fee 

Registration fee for participation in the competition – 450 euro for 2 tablets, 700 euro for 4 tablets. Includes: printout of competitive works on tablets, publication in the catalog (1 page A4), organization of the exposition, rent of the exhibition constructions, posting information on websites of the Union of Architects of Russia, the Union of Moscow architects, exhibition's website and on the partners' informational resources.

Payment is due before August 13, 2021. After receiving the notification of payment, the work is included in the list of participants of the competition.

Publication of advertising in the catalog (optional): 1 page – 550 euro.

Printed competition works are property of the organizers and could be used at their discretion, including for traveling exhibitions in the regions of the Russian Federation and abroad, for publication in mass media etc.


Union of Architects of Russia,
Union of Moscow Architects. 


Exhibition official support: 

the Ministry of Construction, Housing
and Utilities of the Russian Federation,
the Ministry of Education and Science
of the Russian Federation,
Analytical Center for the Government
of the Russian Federation,
Complex of urban policy and city building
of Moscow,
Moscow Committee for Architecture and Urban Development,
JSC Research Center of Construction,
Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences.

Application for participation

Past winners

Gold Diploma

Exupery International School


Jauna iela, 8, Pinki, Babite parish, Latvia

Architects: Juris Lasis, Laura Pelse

Project organization: SIA «8 A.M.»

Construction organization: SIA «MERKS»

Investor: SIA «LMH»



UWC Dilijan College

Dilijan, Armenia

Tim Flynn Architects – TFA, London, UK



Children's Educational Center



Concern KROST



Kindergarten and developing center
in the Residential Complex "Skazka"


Moscow Rergion 



Letovo school


Letovo, Moscow, Russia

Atelier PRO architekten, Dorte Kristensen (Director)

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