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Business Program

Topics of the business program 2021


Panel discussions, round tables, presentations, master classes

on the most relevant topics:


  • Availability of education and construction of a new school. Trajectory and evolution.

  • Barrier-free mobility and supportive educational space for children.

  • Identity and adaptability of school spaces in the implementation of programs for the integrated development of territories.

  • Educational campus and courtyard - landscaping and landscaping of courtyards of educational complexes, playgrounds, children's sports facilities.

  • Energy saving technologies and new environmentally friendly materials in schools and kindergartens.

  • Online and VR technologies in education.

  • The practice of participatory design of schools and adjacent territories.

  • Regulatory restrictions and recommendations for the design, construction, reconstruction, modernization and operation of preschool and school buildings, taking into account the challenges of the time.

  • Design and equipment. New school interiors and their impact on the effectiveness of the educational process.


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